DOCTOR DABS Honey Sticks| 50mg THC | Locally Sourced Honey

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Doctor Dabs THC Honey is a sweet and indulgent treat that takes relaxation to a whole new level. Our THC Honey is made with the finest local honey and hemp, combining the natural sweetness of pure honey with the THC. Each batch is carefully infused with a precisely measured amount of THC, ensuring a consistent and reliable dosage every time. Dip, drizzle, or stir it into your favorite beverages, foods, or desserts to add a touch of sweetness with a hint of cannabis magic.

5mg Δ9-THC per serving THC Honey Ten 5mg Δ9
THC Honey

5.9g serving sticks - 50mg Δ9-THC per container (59g)

Try It On Coffee, Tea, Smoothies, Salad Dressings, Yogurt, Hot Cereals, Glazed Vegetables, or Baked Goods.

Ingredients: Honey, Hemp Derived Δ9-THC.