Hemp Cream Citrus Mint - CBDA + CBD + Microgreens

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Formulation27. “Breakthrough”- Artisan Relief Cream

Crafted from freshly pressed Live Hemp Flower Rosin & infused with Microgreens superfood nutrients which we grow in-house from Living Organic Soil.

Our Boutique Hemp and Microgreens are Fresh Frozen Live to preserve the full spectrum of effects from
•Organic Raw Cannabinoids
•Full Range of Plant Vitamins A to Z
• Concentrated Antioxidants
•Live Enzymes
•Natural probiotics

Additional ingredients
•Organic Unrefined Shea Butter
•Organic MCT oil
•Organic Peppermint oil
•Organic Wintergreen oil
•Organic Clove oil
•Organic Helichrysum oil
•Organic orange peel oil
•Natural Live Hemp Rosin Terpenes
•230mg Raw Cannabinoids
•200 mg CBDA
•0.0% THC
•Non psychoactive
•No Emulsifiers
•Ok for Adults, Kids and Pets

Reported potential benefits from customers include relief from
•Nerve Pain
•Muscle Soreness/ Reduced Recovery Time
•Joint Pain
•Torn Ligaments
•Restricted Mobility
•Keratosis Polaris
•Age Spots


New medical journals are showing that CBDA could have up to 100 time the bioavailability vs. CBD when applied topically. Bioavailability is the bodies ability to absorb and metabolize compounds into the bloodstream. For example- A 200mg CBDA cream could potentially metabolize as many cannabinoids as a 20,000mg CBD cream.

Why are we not seeing more CBDA products on the market?

CBDA takes technical and medical knowledge to extract and infuse without destroying or converting organic compounds to CBD.

CBDA will convert to CBD over time. This requires CBDA products to be made in small batches as fresh as possible.